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We are not raising orphans.

We are raising LEADERS.

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Fifty percent of the population in Uganda are ages 15 and under.  Many of the children live in slums and are addicted to glue sniffing to stifle their hunger.  Children who are born with HIV/ AIDS are rejected by society and the majority of these children live life without hope or anyone to love them. 

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Ugandan Orphan Childcare (UOCC) is a working orphanage in a country desperate for a safe home for kids to grow. Uganda is a beautiful country, but children are forced into homelessness, despair, and disease for a variety of reasons, many of which are out of their control. According to UNICEF Uganda has 2.5 million orphans, this is a huge number, but you can help.

Through UOCC children have access to medical care, clean water, education, clothing, a family environment, Biblical teaching, food, and so much more. However, the daily cost of running an orphanage can be daunting. These kids need you, and here is how you can help: child sponsorship, volunteering, contributing to special projects, and visiting the UOCC shop to support local designers and the orphanage.


Child sponsorships are a critical aspect of supporting UOCC. As a child sponsor you are providing a child with schooling, spiritual nurturing, food, clothing and much more.

Special projects are an ongoing part of building and sustaining the orphanage. These are often large one-time projects that need quick funding for very specific needs like water drainage to limit malaria outbreaks, building a dorm, etc. These projects are regularly updated as needs arise check back regularly for support opportunities.



This is not a “normal” online shop. Every item purchased at the shop directly supports a local crafts person and/or raises money for specific areas within the orphanage. In addition, you have the opportunity to purchase specific items to benefit the children as a one time gift like: 1 day of food, a new mattress, etc.

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Service Trips

One of the greatest joys for the children is getting to meet and get one-on-one help from you. While taking a trip to another country may seem scary, this is a wonderful way to share your love with these children.

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