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Ugandan Orphan Childcare Ministries, (UOCC, USA) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation based in the United States with the purpose to provide relief for the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged by providing opportunities to provide support, education and hope for children in Uganda and around the world.

We work with local and foreign organizations to fulfill our purpose. One organization we are currently working with in Uganda is Ugandan Orphan Child Care (UOCC) in Jinja, Uganda. UOCC is an orphan ministry that provides for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs through biblical teaching, education and a nurturing family environment.  

Our goal is to fulfill the Biblical mandate to care for the orphans by giving relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged, while educating and connecting donors with children in Uganda through UOCC USA, and eventually reaching those in need around the world.

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Our mission falls in accordance with the instructions of Torah. We demonstrate the love of God by touching the lives of His children.

Through the help of individuals all over the world, Ugandan Orphan Childcare Ministries seeks to provide relief for children who are affected by poverty, distressed or underprivileged in the form of food, water, shelter, sanitary living conditions, medical care and educational support.

We work to support those who lack existing community resources or funding and supplies to meet the basic needs of the children. Long term goals include working in areas where children are in need to help them become self-sufficient by creating access to clean water, growing their own food, and raising their own animals.

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