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Through the orphanage we are able to provide for so many of the children’s regular daily needs, however, their education is another particular piece that is an extra expense. What’s amazing is, these kids love going to school, and they understand and are passionate about the opportunities an education can provide for them. School is not free, and we need your help to get each of our children to school this year. Classes have already begun and we are in desperate need of support to get them back to school and caught up before it’s too late. Give Now.


Regular, monthly sponsors are greatly needed. A large part of the day to day care of each child is funded through this monthly giving. Education, food, health care, Biblical teaching, family, and so much more comes directly from people just like you who see the need and choose to give to help a child (or more) every month. Become a monthly sponsor now.



The government in Uganda requires that the orphanage hire a full-time nurse. This is an expense that will be ongoing, but it has huge benefits for the children. A nurse will offer knowledge and implementation for our staff. They will be able to diagnose and treat many issues that pop-up without having to make regular trips into the city and pay the expense of hospital stays. The nurse can provide immediate first aid as needed, or more accurately assess when a doctor is needed. The cost of a nurse is just $300/month, whether it’s the full monthly amount or a portion, we need your help. Sponsor a nurse.


Fortunately, the mortality rate for malaria in Uganda has drastically dropped over the past 10 years, but it doesn’t change the fact that sickness is very difficult and expensive to prevent and to manage. The biggest issue at the orphanage contributing to malaria is that the water is not draining properly when it rains, so it pools, mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, and then they hatch and cause problems to say the least. This is important because if we can limit the opportunity for mosquitoes to breed and lay eggs, then we can prevent the additional cost of medicine, hospital visits, and care for children who are contracting malaria from mosquitoes as a result from the poor drainage. This is our most significant need right now. Contribute to the drainage project now.



This plot of land was purchased by another ministry as a gift to UOCC.  We had originally planned to use it to start a chicken farm until the recent government regulations and requirements were updated for orphanages.  We discussed the plan with an inspector and realized that a chicken farm cannot be started that close to the orphanage for health concerns.  Secondly, one of the requirements is that we have space for the children to play, so this is now how this property will be used.  We will also be able to plant a small garden to teach the children those skills.  In the meantime, we need to finish building this fence.  

These bricks are basically baked mud. Torrential rains will wear them down and it's been a rough rainy season! The erosion is becoming a big concern. We don't want the investment and work to go to waste and we definitely need it for the safety of the children.

UPDATE 12/29/20: 

The current cost to complete this project is $2564.64. 

Breakdown of expenses:
$333.00 Bricks ($20 was sponsored), Lake Sand ($421.00 was sponsored), $281.00 Plaster, $135.00 Aggregate, $394.00 Rebar, $450.00 Cement, $67.00 Binding Wire, $84.00 Feeding the Crew (yes, expected in Uganda), $702.00 Labor
$100.00,  Estimated PayPal and Wiring Fees.