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What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?


Over the past decade literacy rates in Uganda have soared to 90% of grade school children, which is an incredible feat, yet the amount of children who can continue in secondary school drops sharply to 25%. However, education for our children at UOCC does come with a cost. Our heart is to provide these children the tools necessary to succeed as adults, which entails getting them started and continuing with a quality education. Sponsoring a child provides them with school supplies, uniforms, and so much more.


According to the World Health Organization the greatest health risk in Uganda is malaria. It is a huge problem, especially during and following the rainy season where mosquitoes are rampant and difficult to control leading to increased malaria illnesses and deaths. Ugandans face a host of potential illnesses, but orphans often suffer more due to a lack of nutrition, care, and access to medicine. At UOCC we provide these essentials to each child.  Sponsoring a child covers the cost of care and treatment of malaria.


One of the greatest things UOCC provides these children is hope. Without family to care for them, many of these children sick and in despair will never find a way out of their troubling circumstances. Under the attentive and  loving care of our staff, these children are guided through personal difficulties.  They are loved, they play, they become part of our family. They can be a part of your family as well.


Food, education, health care, and confidence are all fantastic parts of this ministry, however, the most important part of our work is nurturing the children spiritually. All one has to do is step onto the orphanage grounds and meet the children to know that they feel loved and know that they have a purpose in this world  We are so grateful for this opportunity for them. It is a priceless gift that provides them the greatest family, the greatest hope, and an eternal joy that can never be taken from them.

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Sponsor A Child: Donate
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Ugandan Orphan Childcare takes a big picture approach when partnering with an orphanage or organization, addressing all their critical needs. Depending on the needs of your sponsored child’s community, your monthly sponsorship donation will contribute to: 

Clean Water


Improved Education

Economic Empowerment

Agricultural Training

Job Training

Empowering Women

Child Advocacy

Healthcare Access

Nutrition Education

Spiritual Development

Sponsor A Child: About


As a sponsor of a Ugandan child you will be part of their new family. You will have the joy of loving, praying for, and encouraging them as part of a greater community who support their well-being. One of the most life-changing moments for a child is to know they are being helped by someone in another country who cares about them.

As much as it is a life-changing moment for these children, it is for you as well. UOCC provides you the opportunity to email, visit, or communicate directly with the child you sponsor allowing them to become a part of your family too.

Join us in bringing hope to another child in Uganda.

Complete the steps below to become a sponsor or if you prefer to complete a hardcopy form scroll below




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