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Join us to experience the joy of serving with in Uganda!

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Click below and fill out the online trip application.

1. Click on "I don't have a Login".
2. It will ask for your email and send you a link to "reset/set" your password.
3. After doing that, it will allow you to begin filling in the information for the application!
4. If you need assistance, text Wendy at: 210-535-5666

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Application process for the August 2023 trip is now open!  Apply by March 6th, 2023!

When is the trip scheduled?

approximately August 1st to August 15th  (including travel times)

What is the trip cost, and what does it include?

The cost of the trip is ~$4,000 USD per person, which includes your flight, accommodations, travel insurance, transportation, service projects and most meals while in Uganda. You are responsible for paying this amount.  A portion of the trip cost may be tax deductible. *There may be additional costs if additional special activities are added to the itinerary.

When can I submit an application?

Now through March 6th or until slots are filled. Fill out the application form and additional details will be given upon acceptance to participate in the trip. A waiting list will be created if there is a lot of interest.


What factors are considered for acceptance?

Applications will be evaluated based on skills, experience, desire, and an applicant’s history of supporting Ugandan Orphan Childcare.

When will I find out if I’ve been selected to go?

We will let applicants know whether their application has been accepted by March 13th. Those who have been accepted will have until March 20th to commit by making a nonrefundable deposit of $500 USD, which will go toward the overall cost of the trip.

What service will attendees perform?

Service activities will include visiting with and performing projects at the orphanage that Ugandan Orphan Childcare supports. Service activities may also include the following – visiting and participating in projects with: Visiting a local slum ministry and/or projects with the widows. Activities could include visiting slum areas, working with children and adults who have jiggers, touring a Ugandan school, participating in a party with the children at the orphanage, various improvement projects and activities at the orphanage – painting, cleaning, making food, playing with the children, and sharing love with other. Please consider your personal health conditions and all associated risks when applying. Please be aware that this is not a vacation and the experiences may be emotional and intense as you will see and take part in activities in situations you probably haven’t experienced previously.

Are there any age restrictions?

Due to the intensity of the conditions in Uganda, 18 or older is recommended. Teens/Older Children will be considered if an adult is accompanying them on the trip.


Who can I contact for more information?

Please email  with any specific questions you may have. Or Call/Text Wendy at: 210-535-5666

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